You are probably beginning to hit puberty or close enough and may have a zillion questions about changing body, breast growth, first bra and how to deal with all of it. Welcome, it may seem annoying and confusing, but worth it!


As a teen, the first bra is so much more than just another item in the closet. To think, its perhaps the first time you make a big choice for yourself, we encourage you pick your first bra! It is tough to predict when and how much your breast will grow, but it usually begins between ages 8 – 13.


  • The chest is flat with a raised nipple

  • The breast bud, appearing like a lump begins to develop under the nipple along with the areola (dark area around nipple)

  • Breast buds begin to elevate and the areola widens.

  • Increased breast size and elevation of the areola, along with nipple projecting.

  • Breast reaches the final adult size and areola returns to the center of the breast with projecting nipple.


It is true – we all come in different shapes, sizes and develop at different pace and time. Remember – that unique quotient is not limited just to face but goes all the way to every part of your body – including the boobies and vaginas. It is unlikely for your breast to be the same size or shape as your friends, or even yur mom/sister.


The first bra is commonly called a beginner or trainer bra – true to its title. The purpose literally being to start training you to wear a bra or begin this journey. Let’s Begin Crop Bralette is an ideal start!


As you grow, you will know that Mom’s can be astonishingly right about a lot of things. But, when it comes to choosing to start wearing a bra – you know best! You know your body, you know the changes and more than any, you know how you feel about it. Period.

  • The under-band must fit perfectly around the ribcage, giving a fitted feel but not very tight.

  • The body (cup portion) of the bralette should not appear creased or feel baggy; otherwise you need to try a size smaller.

  • Wear natural, breathable fibers to feel comfortable and get used to the idea of a bralette.

  • Avoid any padding or under-wires as your breast do not need the support or cushioning at this stage. Let them take their natural shape.

  • Depending on your growth you can choose a fully flat style bralette – Let’s Begin Crop Bralette or our specially curated style for developing girls – Simply Essentials Lace Panel Bralette.

  • Feel free to choose what suits your body and personal style the best. Don’t be worried about what most of your girlfriends are wearing. You set your own trend!

Enjoy this experience, make a memory, shop with your mom or your best friend. Just have fun! Always, #StayUnhooked