Hello mothers! It is that time in your life when your cute little one is growing up and changing so quickly, that it almost overwhelms you. Now, lets accept it, change is tough but this is a beautiful one! 

This phase is a huge change for your daughter and a big step for both of you. We want your daughter to have a happy & positive experience and that is exactly why we are here!

  • Calm the nerves/awkwardness and make it memorable

    A little anxiety is totally normal and most girls experience this. Give her confidence and let her know this is part of the process. Make it a memorable ‘First Bra Shopping’ event by scouting through options together at the comfort of your home. Picking a first bra is a milestone and hopefully she will remember it to be a pleasant one.

  • Find out what she likes

    Sit together and browse through some of our options for trainer and beginners bra. She is sure to love the Let’s Begin Crop Bralette or Simply Essentials Lace Bralette.  Understand her preferences and ask for her opinion. Be around to guide her but encourage her to choose her own first bra.

  • Be sensitive to her personality

    Some girls are eager to start wearing a bra specially if her peers are while others wish to push this phase for as long as possible.  You can be the one to normalize this stage by taking it all in stride and easing out the hush around the topic.

  • Purpose of trainer bras – physical, social & psychological

    During this time of development, be aware that your daughter might be developing earlier or later that her peers. The desire to look the same is very powerful at this stage of development, so don’t simply dismiss a request to buy a bra, even if you think she doesn’t yetneed to wear one. The desire to fit in might be the bigger issue.

  • What kind of bra should my daughter be wearing?

    The most comfortable and popular first bra styles are made in cotton. The fabric is soft, comfortable and breathable for their active lifestyle. Our cotton bralettes are amazingly soft and come in a horde of fun colors and patterns. Check out the Lets Begin Crop Bralette.

  • How do I measure her size?

    Please refer to Qiwion Size Guide for all measuring guidelines across each of our product categories or you could simply Book Fit Call 

  • My daughter is very picky!

    Worry not! Lets just say she has a unique choice, which can leave you confused as a mother. Qiwion offers a wide range of products in various patterns to suit different personalities. You can check out The Simply Essentials Lace Bralette for a little delicate touch or UP The Game Mesh Sports Bralette for her sporty side or simply the Lets Begin Crop Bralette for a simple no fuss style.

  • I wish to make her first bra experience special

    At Qiwion, we share the same love as you mothers. We are happy to add a personal message for your daughter along with the order placed. Also, you could email us at or simply whatsapp us @9884041490, to help curate a special pack for your daughter’s first bra. We’d love to make this a beautiful memory to be cherished for years to come.