It is simply intolerable for the brilliant, bold, opinionated young boobs and butts to accommodate anymore, why should they? About time, the young ones deserve an identity of their own! Making that happen right here!



Undebatable, this closest layer to skin has to feel like second skin. And it does. Getting technical – combed cotton is good - it is light, soft like a feather, but no kidding, all true. Infused with elastane, does the job of making it extremely body responsive without feeling like you got a thing on!


All Qiwion inners have been treated with a 100% metal free Bio Wash (Fresche) that actively fights bacteria, fungus, mould,  & odour. This is invisible and has no impact on the color, texture or feel of the product. What it means is, go do whatever you must, wherever it maybe, we speak no word unnecessary, just got your back, the real BFF deal!


Tropical country hues are felt most parts of the year. It's like that childhood photograph  -  cute but annoyingly embarrassing and always present. Well, we had to take care of it – the knits in our fabric wick the moisture aka sweat away from the skin to the fabric as quickly as can be. Result – You take a light, comforting breath with zero discomfort to haunt.


Who said we needed wires, heavy padding, hooks and itchy labels to curtail us? (well, ain’t patriarchy doing the job already?) Hence, we decided to simply do away with anything that makes us feel less of us and more of a hyped notion of who a girl must be. Toodles to all restraints, let’s just be!


To our most treasured secret, which makes Qiwion exceptionally cool is the people it’s made for – the raw, audacious and unapologetic girls. Our only focus is – make something for the girls of today.  Just exactly how they are, who they are, their body, their personality, their notions, their confusions, their opinions and finally down to their breast and butt. That’s all we got – YOU, our secret sauce!